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  • Our Hydrolyzed Collagen is a natural product, with an excellent digestibility and without any additives or preservatives and is a food ingredients without an E number.
  • Our Hydrolyzed Collagen is safe and fully traceable. It meets or exceed most international, local and regional quality and environmental standards.
  • In the European Union and in the USA, Hydrolyzed Collagen manufactured from fish must be labeled as “Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen”.
  • Our Hydrolyzed Collagen is from Beef and manufactured in USA and allows full coordination following strong hygiene and safety programs:
    • ISO 9001-2000
    • ISO 22000 (food safety)
    • ISO 14001 (environment)
    • OHSAS 18001 (health and security)
  • Aware of diverse needs, it is manufactured Hydrolyzed Collagen that are approved Kosher.
  • Fully digestible, our Hydrolyzed Collagen is a pure protein (more than 92% protein, approximately 6% moisture and less than 2% minerals) made of all essential amino-acids, except tryptophan, which makes it widely used as a protein source in functional foods, low sugar, and low carbohydrate products. It does not contain gluten and is suitable for Celiac.
  • The range of our Hydrolyzed Collagens has been carefully developed so that it brings the expected health benefits without the usual drawbacks of hydrolyzed proteins, such as strong taste or odor or dark color.
  • Our Hydrolyzed collagen is comply with most international edible regulations, including the European Regulations (EC) N° 853/2004 and N° 2073/2005 on food hygiene and the American Food Chemical Codex (FCC).
  • Our Hydrolyzed Collagen is GMO free.
  • Our Hydrolyzed Collagen comes as dust-free powder with excellent flowing properties, there will be no particles spreading around the kitchen or none remaining in the packaging. Consumer will use what they have paid for with no loss.
  • When dispersing the powder blend in liquids, it will easily disperse and quickly dissolve. A light stirring is enough to avoid lump formation. And this true for a wide array of drinks including water, fruit juices, liquid yogurt, coffee, tea or soup.