Also known as melanin or tanning injections, Melanotan 2 stimulates the body’s melanocortine receptors. Melanotan 2 (MT-2) is a peptide which has been synthetically manufactured to act in the same way as the body’s own natural hormone. As a result of its consumption, the body’s melanocytes are stimulated to produce melanin which enables people to tan.

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Many people around the world talking about Collagen Hydrolysate. This amazing protein, hydrolyzed Collagen, can help those suffering from osteoarthritis! Deterioration of the cartilage between the bones is what causes osteoarthritis. When bone rubs against bone the pain is extreme. Collagen is the necessary ingredient needed to rebuild joint cartilage. Some people do not make enough collagen to replace what is naturally lost. In Bodybuilding, Weight-Lifting, Martial Arts and many other Sports it is using for prevention and also as a very good source of protein. With 92 ± 2 % per 100 grams one of the highest protein sources and rich on calcium (100mg).

Collagen Hydrolysate molecules are made up of amino acids joined together by amide linkages in a long molecular chain. There are 18 different amino acids in Collagen Hydrolysate. More than in any other natural source or product! Each occurring in its own level and sequence in the molecule. Our highest quality spray dried Hydrolyzed Protein has an added step in the manufacturing process in which air is injected into the Collagen Hydrolysate particle giving it it’s “Instant Dispersal” property.

Collagen Hydrolysate is a highly purified protein, which is the major structural component in skin, bone, tendons, and other fibrous tissues. The refined extract of collagen forms a cleat, viscous solution in water. Collagen Hydrolysate, minus the moisture and a small amount of mineral salt is 100% pure soluble protein. The digestibility is excellent. Collagen Hydrolysate has been shown to benefit arthritis suffers in a large proportion of cases. Studies have shown that the consumption of 10 grams per day (1 Tablespoon) can also significantly improve nail growth rate and strength and promotes hair growth.
For maximal results you can use Collagen Hydrolysate in additional with Glucosamine,Chondroitin and MSM.


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See the current studies which illustrate a protective and cartilage building up applied orally effect of Collagen Hydrolysate.

Opinion of Judith Brixton about:
My Review: Positive: After about 2 weeks I could feel a recovery of my joints and had less pain than before. Right now after 3 month the pain are almost gone. Powder solves quick. Negative: I used it the first time in plain water and it tasted disgusting (my opinion), but in juice the taste is not that bad anymore.
Opinion of Jeff Smith about:
Never thought it would work but it does and it's cheaper than all the other products on the market.
Opinion of Arnold Wagner about:
I use this for a couple of month now and I was concerned about it but it seems to work. Don't have any pains in my knee joints anymore. I am ordering from now on only the 5 lbs package. It's cheaper. lol